Saturday, August 30, 2008

Say Hello to...

my little friends!...

Balance, poise, stylish jimjams...what else can I say?

On zee beach - 8am - lots of starfish around.

On zee beach #2 - in the shadow of THE MIGHTY BURJ!

My new Trek. Shimano Ultegra all round and Bontrager everything except my trusty 10-year old Dura-Ace seat post. Soon I'll put on the 50mm Planet-X carbon rims and see how mean she looks! I need a longer stem - 110mm at least.

Thursday, August 21, 2008


My parting gift to Malaysia is here. I hope some fellow cyclists can add to the listing, and perhaps do one themselves for the Camerons, Genting Peres etc...

My Day

A new life - a new routine...

Wake-up shortly before 5am. It is light already. Woken at 5.10am by alarm. Snooze until 5.20am.

Up, switch centralised a/c off and have a shower.

Say bye and open the front door. Walk into the already warm and humid air and jump into my 3.5l Nissan Pathfinder. Immediately put the a/c on and off we go.

Listen to nothing, or BBC World in Arabic on the radio. Reach Al Khail road in 5mins and hope that the HGV crawl hasn't started yet.

Start work at 6am. On some days I go direct to the site and look around while it's still relatively cool. Otherwise dtraight to the office.

Work is usually madness -

  • sub-con invoices,
  • leave requests, warninbg letters
  • manpower forecasts
  • check procurement status
  • write letter to client
  • check authority permits status
  • are the pipes made yet?
  • is the tunnel alignment ok?
  • we need 30 new carpenters
  • meet the loss adjuster
  • consortium meeting
  • must survey that site
  • shaft design
  • oh no - an new urgent urgent job has come up
  • petty cash
  • steering committee meeting
  • car service
  • how many pumps do we have?
  • hello sir - do you need a long reach excavator?

but i get paid well, have a nice house, a car and lucas in a good school - i am not grumbling. my job is rewarding - no doubt.

a 2-day weekend starts now. I've put the seat up to the MAX on my slightly-too-small Trek and plan to do a 5.30am 70km ride in the morning.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


I have done something I thought I would never do - bought a Trek/Shimano/Bontrager bike. It's 2 years old and in pretty good condition. 58cm with Ultegra all round and Bontrager wheels.

So I've been promoted from '94 8-speed Campy to '06 10-speed Shimano.

I hope to go for a long ride on Friday morning.

...and i've finally browsed local club sites and come up with a list of weekly training sessions, and an event calendar.

I've missed a lot of great races in Malaysia, and have done little or no training in the last 3 months, but the season here is about to kick-off - hooray for that!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Hubble Space Telescope

Awaited almost as eagerly as the first photos from Hubble......'s a few pics of our humble new abode in Dubai.