Thursday, November 29, 2007

Swim Lesson #18

Bukit Jalil, 28/11/07
Peh + me, Jeffrey, Azwar, Michelle

Warm-up: 6 x 100m on 2:30

Main Set: 2 x 500-400-300m (1st set - 10:20-8:08-6:06, 2nd set - 10:40+,8:30+,6:17).

Cool down: 2 x 100m easy + 2 x 100 mixed crawl/b'stroke.

TOTAL: 3,400m.

The longest and most satisfying session since my recent return to action. 2 weeks of arm and shoulder stretching seems to be behind a great improvement in body position. Now I just need to stretch my pecs a bit more.

I did all of the main set at a comfortable pace, focusing on technique in an effort to maintain quality to the end rather than running out of steam. I did tire, but not dramatically. The first 5-4-300m's were all PB's. I now seem able to comfortably average a shade over 2:00 per 100m.

I plan to go all out in the swim in Phuket on Sunday (1,800m)!

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