Sunday, August 05, 2007

Adidas King Of The Road

On a course confirmed as almost exactly 20km (1km shorter than it was supposed to be) by driving the route and also Google Earth, I somehow managed to shatter my 20km PB by about 8 minutes to finish in 1:52:53.

Struggling a bit up the final "hill" with 300m to go -
photo by the ever-reliable Tey

It's also the first 20km or longer run where I've managed to stay completely injury-free - no blisters or chafing and my left knee seems to be getting better as I continue to use a support tube thingy.

This was a good run with a good turnout by triathletes with half a mind on Desaru in 2 weeks - Arif, May Senn, Gunter, Bernard, Adeline, Jason (maiden run >10km for him - well done mate), Karen Galnexdor, Jaja, Eugene, Jasmine, Wendy Wong PCC TT Winner, the Pacemaker gang etc...

Shame there wasn't actually any water at the "water" stations, only 100+, and the distance markers were inaccurate.

Namedropping time - I had a nice chat with Kimbeley Yap after the run. She's off to Hungary on Tuesday and will be racing there next Saturday (ITU World Cup Race). It's a shame that races like in Singapore last week, where drafting on the bike is allowed, eliminates any advantage gained from being a strong swimmer like Kimbeley. You could beat the rest by a minute in the swim but then you have no opportunity to draft and are likely to get caught by riders who have put in much less effort.

Home at 10am-ish. Its great to do a long and satisfying run (and get a "Top Finisher" medal too!) and get home before the morning is over!

My blog is 1-year old and today's a good birthday - a 20km PB and a posh new toy!

No race next weekend. I'm due a long flat-ish bike ride to gain some endurance and get myself used to the new saddle, riding position and pedals.


Tey said...


The distance only 19.6km leh..hehe

tryathlete said...

well done, mate. well under your target! I'll never keep up now

jr said...

u are faster then me :(.... but i try to beat u next time.

POWERMAN 2007 any one??? hehehe...

petitemeehoon said...

pergh congrats!

Anonymous said...

well done ade! proud of you bruv xx