Sunday, August 26, 2007

Return to Subang

I beat my own best expectation by over a minute to finish this run in a super-dooper 53:31, 12 minutes faster than last year.

Thumbs-up with 50m to go! Photo - Tey

This race was a bit of a "quickie" - I got to Subang at 6.45am, reported, jogged around a bit and stretched. We lined up at 7.20am. I bumped into Abu in the throng and after a quick chat about printing stuff on tri-suits, we were off, early, at 7.26am.

I did a bit of off-roading in the first km to keep at my desired pace and was slowed a bit by "traffic" in the first few kms. Soon I was joined by Alex "Powered By Jesus". My pace felt good and despite going a wee bit faster than usual the desire to stop in the first 25mins didn't materialise.

My HRM was fully-functional again and I was maintaining a high-150's rate until the final 2km. I even began to sense the beginnings of a third running gear in my body. Until earlier this year I only had one gear (slow). Then 2nd gear (a bit faster than slow) appeared. Now it looks like 3rd gear (medium-slow) is developing!

Into the final 2km, only 42mins on the watch, and I was catching many of those in front. Just before the u-turn marking 400m to go I saw Jason Foo ahead (2 mins or so) and Abu (1 min or so). A solid final km saw me join the queue at the finish line in 53:31 - but still no medal!! I thought <1hr earned a medal, but apparently it was just the top 100 this time.

I bumped into Ray Hee and Laif after the race, but made a quick exit and was home by 9.30am - plenty of time left to do other things.

Aviva here we come!!

I'll be in an autumnal England in a few weeks and I'm already looking forward to doing some chilly country-lane runs!


z said...

Nice to meet u Adrian...I was the one with Abu at the starting yesterday...Did my PB also yesterday. As for me I've just discovered that i got a 2nd gear. Long way to go for the 3rd gear.:-)

Simon said...

Hey Adrian, nice job dude. I was there too but I didn't see you. I actually started right at the back. In fact so far back thatI had to fight through the 7k runners who started lining up before I cleared the start line. Took it soper easy due to my pneumonia and finished in 1:00:09 - I promised myself to make it more than an hour so job done.