Sunday, January 20, 2008

Another 30k Bites The Dust

2008 GE Pacesetters 30km
Happy to finish!

The horn went of 3 minutes early according to me, while I was in the shadow of a nearby tree doing some final "preparation work". But I managed to relocate a few buddies and off we went up into the dark winding Lake Gardens roads. A certain Union Jack clad Mr Cross joined me and we jogged together.

Quite a number of early casualties. One guy fell down after 2km on Jalan Parlimen and there was another guy on the floor his back just before the bridge over the Mahameru highway!

The double hills were ok as I was still fresh and I began to look forward to the 10km mark which for me was the "real" start. 11km - past the Istana and I came across Bacin. 13km-ish I came across Shazly. (Nice to overtake people who I've struggled to keep up with on recent bike rides!)

Just before Plaza Damas I decided to stop for a sec to pull my left sock up due to some irritation. My legs strongly objected to stopping and felt like totally seizing up - so off I went again.

Surprised to have to run past Petronas, but did so and picked up a gel for my efforts and 'twas time for the final 10k. By now my legs were beginning to feel heavier but I still continued passing people increasingly often as time went on. Doing that really helps keeps me going!

The 5km out-and-back from Bkt Tunku to Hartamas is always the more sociable bit - I managed to spot plenty of buddies including Aini and Michelle, Ray, Abu and then Mac, Arif, May Senn, Wei Na and Adeline...

In the final 5km I was slowing and felt a bit dehydrated so I drank a fair bit at all the water stops. Still most people were slowing more than me. I tired to keep up with one particular girl (Powerbar cap and blue/black tri-suit) who'd been near me since 10km but she managed to snap the string and pull-away near the end.

As I closed in on the finish line I was confident of making it below 3:20 but was surprised that I might even get in under 3:15 with 1-2km to go. The final Parlimen uphill was long and slow but with 10% to go to my self-imposed 90%HRmax limit I managed a decent sprint in the last 800m down to the line to finish in 3:13:58. Not only did I beat my 3:20 target but I even dipped under the 3:15 mark - so I'm a happy chappy! (I was 313rd)

Thanks to Simon for the company that made the first 15km pass so quickly!

Afterwards I overdosed on liquids and walked to the car at a snails pace!

It was only once I got home and had a shower that I discovered some innocent-looking but quite frankly bloody painful friction burns under my arms! Ouch!


Dancing Ciken said...

wohooo congrats!

bola2api said...

good job adrian!

I noticed some blisters on my chest due to the HR piece that was strapped there. Other than that, I am a happy chappy too!

Laif said...

Friction burns? Tried BodyGlide? I have and had good results. :-)

bacin said...

well done!! hihihi.. me +/-15min behind you

Shazly said...

good job adrian. U got longgg legs, thats why u r faster. hehe. i'll get back at you later.. dude..

Tey said...

i got some of u gang fotos..if interest,pls email me at,with your finishing time and bib,for easy to check photo.Each email foto charge RM1..if u interest.tks..last 2 days.

Wandernut said...

Congrats, Adrian! :D
Wow! That's mighty fast.

I have a nasty friction burn on my arm too. Boy, did it sting!

慧沁 Wai Sum said...


galnexdor said...

hey adrian...missed u this time around...but good job! :)

zulhassan said...

longgg legs ...hahahhah...Congrat.