Friday, December 01, 2006

11k Titiwangsa Training Run

I managed an 11k training run yesterday evening, another record! (longest ever solo run). 4 laps of the approx 2.75km Lake Titiwangsa running track.

I finished the third lap in 52:50, 13s faster than my previous 3-lapper, even though I had to take a 30m detour on each lap to run around the area where it loks like a Ferris Wheel is going to be built.

My total time was 1:10:42 - a pace of 6:25 per km. I did feel a bit tired (weak) and dehydrated halfway into the 3rd lap. Possibly due to accidentally ordering and eating a spicy Tom Yam soup in the morning, which gave me an upset stomach for the rest of the day!

Cycle to work tomorrow morning (try to leave early enough to have time to do >20km) and another KLCC run in the evening. I think I'll go for a shorter faster run...perhaps 6km or so.

Sunday morning I might join Way2Ride for a ride up to Genting Sempah, or ride on my own. Either way I have to be back by 10am for my swimming lesson.

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