Monday, July 02, 2007

Ipoh International Run

I was ill AGAIN in the run up to this race - that's twice in a month I've been struck by something. By Friday lunchtime I'd had enough so I went home for a rest, unsure of whether I'd make it to the weekends race or not.

Sat a.m. I was feeling better so I drove up to Ipoh. By the afternoon I was feeling quite good but somehow became worse in the evening. I felt fine except the feeling that someone had taken a blowtorch to my windpipe.

I look forward to these races SO much it takes a hell of a lot to force me out, and even at 4am the next morning, after a poor nights sleep and with the blowtorch feeling still there, I still held out hope.

I woke at 5.45am but didn't rise until 6.10am, only 35mins before flag-off! I decided that I would get to the point of no return before decided to run or not. I arrived with 10mins to spare. As I made my way to the reporting point, still 8 mins to go, a swarm of runners came past - I'd missed the start - they started early! (or so I thought). I reported and got my black wrist tag and started running - then I realised the swarm was just running to the start from a holding area. Phew!

By now I was caught up in the event and was all set to go. Somehow I managed to spot Ah Fook in the crowd and met up with him. "See you in 2 1/2 hrs" I said, giving myself an extra 30mins for this run.

This was a BIG run so the first 4km was a bit congested. At one point I punched a rather petite girl in the back of her shoulder (sorry 'bout that). After 4km or so the 10k route split from ours and it was a bit more calm. At 5km the 1km markers started which gave me a good idea of pace.
I was doing 6:00 per km and tried to stick to that.

It was a flat route and after 7km I started to become rather familiar with the runners in front and behind as we all ran a similar pace. Its funny how in long races like this these people become a big part of one's life for 1-2 hours as all one thinks about is the race, and the only people around are those who overtake or the ones you catch up.

As usual I slowly began to reel people in as the race progressed, and even managed to overtake a few who'd passed me earlier. I don't like being overtaken at the end but today there was one Vet. in a saggy yellow top who got me right at the end. He'd passed me at km5 but I caught and passed him at about km19 only to lose it in the end.

As in PD, my left knee (outside ligament?) gave me a bit of trouble in this race but not as bad as before.

Wow! 1km to go - check the muscly legs!

To my great surprise and delight I got a medal for finishing in 100th place, in 2:08:05, a couple of minutes outside my mid-race target of 2:06:00. Due to the seemingly accurate km markers I'm also awarding myself a PB for 15km - 1:30:43.

More run photos of me here.

There's another 3 Half-marathons before the Desaru & S'pore long-distance triathlons but I'm beginning to think I should give at least one a miss as I'm missing out on bike time - these days I'm cycling only 30-60km a week and will need to get some 100km+ rides in before August.


Tey said...


sorry ah...lost u email address..can u email me..I email u few of your pia acition photos..

tryathlete said...

good on you, mate. a sub-2:10 half marathon when sick is pretty impressive.

on another note, yes, we do need to get some long rides in, especially before desaru. time to join pcc again methinks...

fook said...

well done mate! yes we meet after 2h30m haha...
agreed with tryathlete, we must do some long ride, too much of running...

Raymond said...

Great run adrian!
U hv improved leaps and bounds in all 3 disciplines!!
Keep up the momentum dude!