Friday, January 04, 2008

Fun Run

Inspired by my Bible (220 Triathlon), I did some interval running at KLCC on Thursday evening. 4 x 1.3km intervals, with a rest in between to allow my HR to drop to 60%HRmax.

My times were: 6:30-6:28-6:25-6:20.

It took 1:30-2:30 for my HR to drop enough (recovery lengths increasing each time).

The purpose of this type of run is to increase speed, and get used to running faster.

I really enjoyed the session. I effectively ran 5.2km at well above my normal pace. I had a good long stretch sesh afterwards. I find stretching quite relaxing and it's beginning to form a good 10-min period after each run/bike/swim.

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bola2api said...

i did a speed interval training like this in KLCC a few wks back. I can only last 3 loops :P actually i wanted to at least do 5..(i'm dreaming)

my timing were a little bit like yours. I did 1km then walked for 300m until HR goes down before starting again. can't really say i'm getting any faster. maybe if it's done consistently, i could become faster. fingers crossed.