Sunday, December 16, 2007

2007 Finale - Chin Woo Biathlon

A rare swim photo!

Looking quite happy on the run.

Final push up the steep uphill finish.

(L-R) Panjang, tengah and pendik finishers
(pls excuse any bahasa errors!)

Swim (800m) - 0:15:18 (1:55/100m)
T1 - 0:00:41
Run (6.9km) - 0:40:50 (5:55/km)
TOTAL - 0:56:49

(21/1/2008) - Official Result

Swim - 3rd/18,
Run - 11th/18,
Overall - 16:20-40:20 = 56:40, 8th/18.


Raymond said...

Great arm pull and good swim split!

sgloong said...

well done..... next year u will be much stronger

zulhassan said...

see again next year event

michlooi said...

hi mich here. Where did u get your photos. Is nice. :)

sgloong said...

any way of getting the official results... even the winner's list was screwed up yesterday...


Tey said...

Organiser no system.

BTW.Adrian.pendek is Chen Keat Hoong,his Full marathon can now around 3:30.short but fast.only swim is suck..haha...!!