Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Swim Lesson #17

Bukit Jalil, 14/11/07, 6.30-8.10pm

Coach Peh + Azwar, Michelle, Jeffrey, Jasmine, Christopher

Warm-up 6x100m (1:56 - 2:05)

Main Set

3 x 500m (10:34 - 10:24 (PB) - 11:48) [last 500m slowed due to foot arch cramps.]

3 x [ 5 x 50m ] Each set of 5 = slow medium fast fast fast

My "slow" was a little over 1:00 each, "medium" just under 1:00 and "fast" varied 0:52-0:47, the latter being a new PB!

Cool-down 100m

TOTAL 2,950m

Speed depends on the application of power through a good technique. Even when my arms felt very tired, my speed didn't slow much as I concentrated on maintaining my technique rather than just applying maximum power.

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