Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Company Annual Dinner 2007

Here's a post that's nothing to do with sport of any kind! We had our Shimizu annual dinner last night and I was volunteered to be the's me and my work chums in action.....

Me kicking-off the Quiz......

Uemura San helping out.....

The whole gang after the dinner (I'm in the middle at the back)

Me and Liza "Super" Suparman...

The Sewer Networks gang from L to R...Fadzlee, Uemura, Kamioka, Faiz, Me, Liza, Mazuki, Ram.

Monday, January 29, 2007

Latest 20k Photos

Some more 20k's Joel just after pulling away from me near the finish (me in background)...

There's me at the back.......

And here I am again.....300m to go!!

I always look like I'm practically WALKING in these photos but I'm not really. Now the 30k guys come's some cycling buddies of mine....Arif first.....

Ah Fook....

And May Senn....

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Ulu Yam Ride

I defied the wicked flu bugs in my body, and mid-night disruptions courtesy of Lucas, to make it out of bed to head of to FRIM to 'lead' my first ever PCC ride. Much water, Vit C tablets and gargling with salt water seemed to have almost eliminated my throat problem, but I still woke tired and with a raw feeling in my windpipe. However I had been looking forward to this ride since it was planned a couple of weeks ago, and was determined to make it.

I met Ah Fook just up the hill from Carrefour and we made our way to FRIM. This was where my "leader"ship was tested, and failed, as we headed into FRIM whilst everyone else was already waiting opposite FRIM! I announced the days route and regroup points and we headed off back towards Batu Caves.

Federer 5-5 Gonzales (First Set of Aussie Open Final) - GO GONZO!! FEDERER IS BORING!!

At Batu Caves we had to negotiate our way through a huge traffic jam and masses of Hindu devotees who I think must have been pre-Thaipusam activities. Lots of shaved heads, flowers, incense, praying by the river, walking bands etc...

At the short sharp climb at the Batu Dam the P2K boys flew by, with a sprinting James Bak hot on their tails.

The group was fairly well fragmented by the time we got into the valley, and I struggled along in gears 1-3 with Ah Fook. My legs felt empty and I seriously began to think I'd get to the top of the main climb and turn back. Somehow I slowly crept to the summit and met the rest of the gang. I ate half my PowerBar and chose to continue down to Ulu Yam. The descent was fantastic as always, and I clocked up a max. speed of 76kph!

In Ulu Yam the "leader" couldn't find the stall he'd last visited 10 years ago, so we headed back a bit and found somewhere with 100 Plus, water and nasi lemak - just what the doc. ordered!

The group here was..Sean Chang, Gunther, Patsy Yap, Ah Fook, an ex-Selangor rider and some others - sorry names forgotten or not known!! I ate some rice and 1/4 of my PowerBar to fill my legs. Feeling ok by now but definitely not 100%.

As we headed back up the hill I has a nice chat with Sean Chang before he dropped me. I managed to get to the top without too much trouble and enjoyed cruising back to the dam with Patsy & Ah Fook. I had a bit of a scare as I casually tried to extract the final 1/4 of my Powerbar from it's wrapper whilst sitting-up on the bike (no hands) at 40kph. The bars started wobbling violently but luckily I managed to get my hands on them before my front wheel flipped round. I would have been flying through the air if I hadn't!!

Apart from passing a Chinese Lion and Band doing their thing (Cultural Experience#2 of the day), the ride home was uneventful. Mileage - 97km.

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Supermarket asks man, 87, for ID

Jack Archer
Mr Archer said a drop of sherry helps him to sleep at night

An 87-year-old man was asked to prove he was over 21 when he tried to buy a bottle of sherry in a York supermarket.

The former Lord Mayor of York, Jack Archer, said he was shocked - but flattered - when asked the question by staff at Morrisons in Acomb.

He said: "I don't look my age but I certainly don't look young enough to be in trouble for underage drinking."

Morrisons said staff had to ask anyone buying alcohol to confirm they were over 21, or provide proof of age.

Mr Archer said he often had a small glass of sherry at bedtime to help him sleep.

'Best intentions'

He said: "I was taken aback really. Afterwards I thought I should have showed them my bus pass and that would have proved how old I was.

"I must admit the lady wasn't too persistent and I realised she was only doing what she's been told to do."

Double Hill PB

Another Double Hill PB last night, 1:04:11, beating my previous best by 49s despite battling against the early signs of a weekend flu, only a few weeks after my last one!

Throat still a bit sensitive this morning, but still managed a leisurely ride to work. Hopefully a load of water, Vit C and sleep will work and I won't miss tomorrows ride to Ulu Yam, which I am supposed to be leading.

Friday, January 26, 2007

Wednesday, January 24, 2007


I got an email from saying that the Singapore Duathlon 2007 will probably not now take place until 20 May - I was really looking forward to going there on 11 March for that one!

Never mind lah!

Monday, January 22, 2007

20k Photos

The start, 6.30am...
Cheerful Joel at about 19.5km....

Still at 19.5km, me looking more cheerful in this one!...

Joel pulls away in the last 500m!.....

Ashely Lim finishing........

Hooray! I finish in just under 2:12:00, a good 9 minutes inside my target! thanks to Bacin for the photo!!

Ashley Lim & I posing......

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Pacesetters 20k - Race Report

Up at 5am, handful of raisins for brekkie. Arrived, still in darkness, at 5.45am. Watched the 30k race set-off and then bumped into my trusty running companion Joel. Saw Arif & May Sen arrive 5 minutes late for their race!

We set-off at 6.30am and I was pleased that as I seem to be a bit more relaxed at these events than I used to be, my HR was hovering around 100bpm.

The first minute or so was walking due to the crowd, but I soon settled into a deliberately slow pace. The first 40 minutes were in darkness, which made the route seem different and adding to the interest.

At the 5km mark I headed into unfamiliar territory and was surpsised at how hilly the route was (see below)...

It was nice doing an out-and-back course as you could see the front-runners and those behind along the way. I picked out Wong Ah Thiam, Dino, Shahrom and Marianna Mohd amongst the front runners as I approched 10km. Joel and I reached the turn in a bit under 1h 10m - good considering my target of 2:20:00.

On the way back I finally saw Arif & later May Sen, and was overtaken by fellow cyclist from last week, and Bukit Gasing Green Challenge winner Ashley Lim, as we past Tijana 2 estate. I was quite amazed that even after 1h 40m my HR was recovering (on downhills) to as low as 141bpm.

My legs began to feel a bit heavy on the uphill at about 18km, but I still managed a fast descent to the final hill of Jalan Parlimen. I struggled up that one and sped up down to the tape to finish in a very pleasing 2:11:42! The second 10k was about 4 minutes faster than the first, as it was more downhill. Average HR = 150bpm = good!

I got a nice big medal for my efforts...

After copious amounts of Milo, PowerBar drink, tau foo fah, cereal and water to recover, I hung around to see who I could see and watch the awards ceremony. Azman introduced himself to me, and later I bumped into Ashley Lim and chums, and did some PCC TT promotion work. I then discovered that Ashley won the Womens category - wow! I also said hi to Azwar, who I hope to cycle with again soon. Although I've never met him, it was good to see Simon Cross running again after his near-death experience a few months ago.

I left at about 10.30am. Hungry and a bit lazy, I didn't go for a bike ride! I went home, relaxed for a while and then took Lucas and newly 6 year old Mihir to the playground in BSC, and for a whiz around the Scalextric track there.

Bike ride on Tuesday night, run on Thursday night and then FRIM to Ulu Yam and back next Sunday.

Saturday, January 20, 2007

New Gear!

Saturday, Awal Muharram - no work!

Went for an easy 21km ride this morning (a recce for the time trial) with Seth. Then I went to pick up my 20km shirt & it is, first of the year!....

Friday, January 19, 2007

Last Run Before 20k!

I just did the Double Hill route again, with my chum/colleague Uemura San. I deliberately took it easy and still finished only 1:01 slower than last weeks PB, in 1:06:01. My average HR was 153bpm, 4% less than last week for a 1.5% slower run - that sounds good to me but perhaps HR is not strictly proportional to speed, although it seems logical to me that it is. Anyway, I'mm happy about it and that's what's important!

Was quite nice to run with someone, and I didn't miss my MP3 player.

A slow bike ride and a swim lesson tomorrow, L'pool v Chelsea in the evening, and then a sound nights sleep before my first ever run in excess of 15km!

PCC Time Trial Announced

PCC 15km Individual Road Time Trial, Hulu Langat, Sunday 25th March 2007

It's official! - go to for event details.

I'm going to recce the course with Seth tomorrow.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

PCC Time Trial

PCC are going to hold an approx. 15-20km individual road time trial in Hulu Langat on Sunday 25 March 2007. It hasn't been officially announced yet but if you read this and your interested contact me, as I'll be involved in the organisation.

It will be open to all over the age of 12 and is intended to be a fun event for cyclists of all abilities.

If the response is good I hope to have another 2 time trials over the course of 2007, perhaps a Putrajaya circuit and a hill-climb, Genting Peres or Old Gombak Road.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

First Event of 2007

This Sunday is my first "event" of the year - the Great Eastern Pacesetters 30k run (20k for me). I am very much looking forward to it. If I finish in under 2h 20m I'll be well pleased. I might even take my bike along and go for a ride afterwards.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Century Ride

I rode 144.1km today! That's 89.5 miles!

Up at 5.40am, breakfast of Weetabix & raisins (carbs!). Left in darkness at 6.00am. Co-incidentally met Ah Fook at the start of Old Gombak Road and we cycled to HOA together. Met Arif, May Sen, Mac, Ashley Lim, Napi, Benny & others & made our way up to Genting Sempah.

We arrived at the top just after 8am and met a large group who had gathered there - Ron, James, Ivan, Annie, Seth, Wong, Bernard, PK Hong, Dr. Nabil and many more. Ate banana #1.

Then began the nice descent into the valley, the lower half of which has a lovely new surface. We stopped where someone had punctured for a minute and then regrouped at the Hot Springs.

We cruised along the gently downhill valley road (last 20km to Bentong) in the high 30's (kph). My final blast at the front came just before the road rises gently 1km before the town, at which point, as usual, my speed dropped dramatically and I was suddenly 500m behind everyone!

A quick water fill at the petrol station (where I met Nicholas, a Swedish guy working in their Embassy in KL) preceded the usual drink and Cendol (for me, Ais Kacang for others) at the Kow Po? Coffee House. Ate banana #2.

On the way back I set the pace for 1-2km then was passed by 1 or 2 riders, most memorably Bernard, who flew off into the distance. After a while the bunch settled into a steady 28-32kph pace along the slightly undulating but uphill road towards the climb back up to Genting. Arif, myself, and "Blue Rudy Project Top Man" as I call him took turns punching a hole in the air for everyone else.

At exactly the same spot where I was dropped by Bike Pro on my last visit here, where the grade increases before the main climb, I fell back again. Powergel time!

Maybe it was all in the mind but I felt stronger after the Powergel and was pleased that Arif and May Sen (who were a few hundred metres ahead) weren't getting further away. I passed Ah Fook - who I must say is a bit of a hero for riding over 100k with running shoes and no pedal clips or straps - and eventually caught Arif & May Sen. Arif & I had a bit of fun as we caught and passed Benny about 200m from McD's.

10mins rest and a fill of water later, I headed off up the short sharp climb to the summit, and free-wheeled the 15km back down. On the way I passed some policemen and passers-by looking down a very steep ravine, in the bottom of which was an overturned white car - God help the passengers.

The 18km final run to home was less pleasant as I negotiated Sunday lunchtime Jalan Genting Klang traffic. Home at 1.35pm.

Right knee was fine - so adjustment to cleat must have been correct. Today was the first time ever wearing bibshorts and I must say they are extremely comfortable. No waist strap and improved ventilation - no wonder that's what the pro's wear!

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Hot Cakes

My cycling DVD's are selling like hot cakes on eBay - already recovered half of the RM1,200 I spent on the hardware etc...!

Double Hill 2

Double Hill run again today. The profile looks more like a Triple Hill to me!

I did it in 1:05:00 against 1:09:18 two weeks ago. Felt pretty good all the way and could have kept going.

That's 1:00:05 pace for 10k! My HR was a bit high though - my Doc would tell me off!

Knees ok too! NB 755 shoes are lovely - v. comfortable.


Did the usual Tuesday night 24km ride with PCC. Average HR was a low 131bpm, compared to 148bpm a few months ago for a comparably fast ride - getting fitter!

Last night I did a 50min 6.5km hash with the "Harriettes", which included about a kilometre inside the almost completed SMART tunnel (the run was set by the SMART tunnel Resident Engineer - an enthusiastic hasher!). Wednesday usually my night off training, but I need to intensify this year!

Tonight - 10.8km Double Hill route. I hope my right knee is ok - it is beginning to play up - must be my new cycling shoe cleat setting is wrong.

Sat a.m. - usual 23km ride to work
Sat p.m. - swimming lesson.

...and the big one

Sun a.m. I plan to cycle from home to Bentong and back......about 136km (84 miles). That'll probably take over 5 hours.

If I want to finish a 7hr+ Triathlon in September i need to get my body used to such things!

Monday, January 08, 2007

New Running Shoes

My trusty Adidas shoes are close to falling to bits, after about 420km of running, including a good few hashes, for which they are NOT designed. The soles started falling off during yesterdays hash so they are now officially hash-only shoes, as I have just bought myself a nice pair of New Balance 755 running shoes - strictly for road running....

2007 Duathlons

Hooray! The MMDS website has dates for the 2007 series, which I thought might not happen!

Full Moon Go-Karting

I went go-karting in Shah Alam yesterday morning with Lucas. 10 minutes in an 80cc kart for starters, then 3 laps in a double-kart with Lucas, and finally a thrilling 10 minutes in a super-fast 100cc kart.

Lucas was a bit under the weather and the car journey didn't help. When we got home he slept for 3 hours, and still went to bed at the normal time. He had a fever but this morning it's not so bad. Still no school for him today.

In the afternoon I drove back to Shah Alam again (Bukit Cahaya) for only my 2nd Full Moon Hash in 3 years. A good 10k run-about in 1h 44 mins made up for not going for a bike ride in the morning.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

1987,1988,1989 & 1990 Tour De France DVD's

If any cycling fans happen to read this blog, you might be interested to know that I have the following DVD's available for sale on eBay. Click here to see my eBay items.

1. 1987 Tour De France & Kelloggs Tour Of Britain highlights (1 disc, 44minutes) US$5

2. 1989 Tour De France Highlights (Stages 6-12 & 14-19 only, 5 discs, over 6 hours) US$10

3. 1988 Tour De France Highlights (coming soon, probably 5 discs/6 hours) US$tbc

4. 1990 Tour De France Highlights (coming soon, probably 5 discs/6 hours) US$tbc

Commentary in English by Phil Liggett & Paul Sherwen.

Good Start

New Years Day - usually reserved for a mighty hangover - was a bit different this year. Having not gone out on NYE for the first time since I was a teenager, I was up early and feeling good! the afternoon I ran a couple of 3k loops around Titiwangsa Lake in 37:38. I'd had a big lunch a couple of hours earlier so my tummy was a bit full...that's my excuse for missing my 36:00 target!

On the 2nd (Tuesday a.m.) I cycled from home up to Genting Sempah again (4th time this year). The 16km-ish climb from my usual 'start' point below the Karak Highway took me about 1:01:40, which I thought was a bit slower than usual when I approached the top, but upon consulting my records at home I found that it was my fastest ascent by 4 minutes, having previously taken 1:11:00, 1:07:00 and 1:05:00. Next time...<1hr!

3 weeks to go until the Pacesetters 20km!!

Monday, January 01, 2007

Interval Training

My body was pretty tired following a fast (for me!) 5k run, 1hr swim lesson and a long (1h50m) Hash on Saturday, so on Sunday morning I had a well deserved lie-in. To make up for that, and to get one final bit of training done in 2006 I decided to try out the interval training feature on my HRM for the first time.

I have been reluctant to do intervals before as I perceived that it would involve very high heart rates, but it didn't work out that way. My max. HR was only 163bpm.

I cycled anticlockwise around a 5km loop just outside my condo and did 11 x 30sec intervals at maximum effort, with 5 minute recoveries. The 4th interval was disrupted by a high-speed downhill bend...

This type of training will add a bit of variety to my routine, and should improve my cycling speed. I plan to do more interval training, with varying interval/recovery times and effort levels.