Sunday, December 28, 2008

Audio Ambitions

I'm also rather inclined to splash out some of my bike cash (if it sells) on some audio kit. Since selling my decks in 1996 I've always wanted to get back into domestic DJ'ing. But times have changed now and I have to think about CD's and MP3's, not just vinyl.

In Malaysia DJ'ing kit didn't appear to be readily available but here in Dubai I've found a place that sells decks, CD players, software and vinyl to MP3 converters.

I can then indulge in one of my great passions - E.L.E.C.T.R.O!


Abu Soffian said...

Happy Near friend

Max said...

Hey Adrian - let me know if you want any pointers, I've been playing with the digital stuff for a while now, Traktor and Ableton Live - I've got a DJ Control surface and a MIDI Keyboard etc.. There's a whole new world out there after Vinyl :-)

Anonymous said...

djing kit - can easily be found in uk. even argos catalogue sell it. shop in hanwell ealing sell the djing stuff. in catalogue you can get all sort of gadget to transfer tape to cd, cassette to cd, vinyl to cd at touch of usb connector.
check all gadget in argos, mikor anvika, other gadget catalogues..